About the Exhibition

The exhibition grew out of the recent identification of Remondini’s Prodigal Son series within Calvin College’s collection of art. While hardly impressive as ‘art’ prints, these etchings soon became extremely interesting to me as a window through which we might glimpse one fascinating component of eighteenth-century visual culture.

Well-suited for a small, targeted exhibition, the project seemed ideal as a collaborative endeavor to pursue with a student. As an outstanding art history major who would be a senior during the show’s planning stages, Paula Manni was a perfect fit. She had taken a number of my regular class offerings and, just as importantly, had been one of fourteen students in a January-term course I taught in Venice in 2012. She and I spent the 2013 interim working on the project with additional work completed over the summer. Paula has filled the role of co-curator admirably and certainly done her share of the lifting; she has surpassed even my well-founded high expectations and deserves enormous credit.

The project leaves me convinced of the academic and professional benefits of such collaboration and underscores the degree to which a gallery can be one of the most important teaching spaces on a college campus. I have certainly learned an enormous amount.

Craig Ashley Hanson